Polish_Wikinews_headerBack in school, when a teacher or professor asks a student to write an article, some would get confused. Article writing is a lot different from academic and fiction writing, though they do share some similarities such as the need to conduct extensive research before sitting down to write. When a person thinks of article writing, he would probably think of journalists and newspapers.  This is true in most cases. With the internet, however, articles are not just about relaying the latest news, but are also about disseminating different types of information. There are many kinds of articles found online, and each website utilizes their own style in order to attract a steady stream of readers. What makes these websites successful is how their writers pen their articles.

Here are some things to know about article writing if a person wants to do some freelance work:

  • The article must speak to the reader

Services writingArticle writing is like having a conversation with the reader or audience. That’s why when a writer sits down to make an article, he has to identify his target audience, what they would like to know about the topic he is writing about, and the type of writing style they like. Some audience are drawn to more serious, academic writing, while others want to read a more informal and humorous article. An article has to capture its reader from the very first sentence or even just by the title, which leads to the next point…

  • The article must grab attention

“Click-baiting” is a term used on the internet wherein a reader or viewer is persuaded to click on a title or headline that will take them to a certain article or video. This is what a writer must do to capture his audience. Like a journalist, he has to think of a good enough story that will make his audience click on and read his article either by reading the title or the description. However, he also has to be careful to live up to the hype that his article promises. If a reader walks away disappointed from what was promised to be an excellent article, it would probably lead to more and more people dropping the writer’s future articles. Which is why…

  • The article needs to be entertaining or interesting

If a writer would open up any humor or entertainment websites and read the articles posted there, he would see why audiences flock to these websites. The articles posted are not only interesting and provide lots of information, but are written in a humorous or entertaining way. The writers of these articles know how to capture someone’s interest and hold it until the end of the article. A writer who can write this way will be seeing more and more readers, building up to quite a substantial fan base. To help with this, a writer could imagine a professor reading through his students’ essays. After twenty or so of reading the same thing, he must be extremely bored. Think of a way to write something that will keep that professor entertained while he’s reading the writer’s essay.

  • Make the article easy to read

Writing ServicesNowadays, people don’t want wordy articles made up of walls and walls of straight text. A good way to write articles is to break up and segregate ideas into paragraphs and sub headings. A writer could make the article informal, speaking to the reader as if they were friends. This will make the readers stick around and read the article all the way through. And he must remember not to give the full details in the first paragraph or keep repeating ideas over and over through the length of the article.