When you ask someone if he knows what custom military coins are? The answer you would probably get is ‘No’ especially if they are not a member of any branch of the armed forces. Not many people know what it is or how these challenge coins are used in the military but it can’t be denied that the tradition of giving out these types of coins have long been practiced in the armed forces either symbolize brotherhood or identify affiliation to a certain unit. Custom military coins bear the symbol or logo of the unit it is representing and the motto or slogan that identifies the unit to which it belongs.

Our company, ChallengeCoins4Less, believes in the value that custom military coins represents that is why we want to provide all our customers with the best kind of challenge coin that they can be proud of. Our mission is to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is your one-stop-shop when it comes to customizing military challenge coins for our customers. From designing, manufacturing and selling of custom military coins; we have it. If you are having problems finding the right military coin that will best represent your unit; we will be more than happy to help you. Our company is dedicated in the manufacturing of very affordable challenge coins made of high quality materials.

Custom Military Coins

It is always a must that all military challenge coins that we produce meet the quality standard required that is why we never use sub-substandard materials for all our products. And when we talk about pricing, we are acknowledged as one of the companies that offer the cheapest price in the market.

When a customer inquires about our service, we have certain questions that we ask them before we close a deal. Knowing what the client wants for their custom military coins is crucial. Here are some of the questions that we ask our clients:

Question Number 1: What branch of the military do you belong?

There are many kinds of military challenge coin that we can produce for our customers depending on the branch of military they belong. Each branch has its own symbol and motto that represents their organization such as the air force, navy and army. It is very important to know what the customer wants. Our company has a complete range of artwork and design that each unit of the military. Just visit our official webpage, www.challengecoins4less.com, and check out our military challenge coins gallery for your choices.

Question Number 2: What kind of material would you want us to use?

Military CoinsAfter knowing what the customer wants for their challenge coins in terms of how it should look; the next question that we ask is what kind of material would they want us to use in manufacturing their keepsake coins. The kind of material is important because it can determine how durable the coin will be. All our products are made of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time.

In addition, we have special orders that require us to produce military coins made out of gold, silver, bronze or other precious metals. These kind of token coins are usually given to retiring military officers or soldiers who have shown exemplary actions while in the line of duty.

Question Number 3: What is your preferred design?

Designing custom challenge coins for the military is a job that we don’t take for granted. We believe that the coins that we will be creating should properly represent the organization that is why we provide assistance in the conceptualization and design of the over-all look of the challenge coin. And we give this at no additional cost on the part of the customer.

Question Number 4: How many do you need?

It is necessary to ask the quantity of the order that our customers will be placing because it is where we will base time of production and expected delivery period. But no matter how small or big the order is, we will do our best to meet the requirements of our clients.

Question Number 5: How much is your budget?

Last but definitely not the last, we ask all our clients how much their budget is. This is the last question we ask because our company doesn’t prioritize how much we will earn from every deal we close.