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How To Extend The Life Of Your Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the primary investment of golf aficionados like you. Quality ones are pricier. Nevertheless, pricey clubs are way more durable than cheap alternatives. When you are shopping at for your first golf club set or for additional clubs, it is more advantageous to look at the quality first before the price. As you avail of top-notch golf equipment, it is only fitting to look for ways to protect your investment. Aside from proper use and maintenance, you can buy several products offered at which are intended to make your clubs last long.


Golf PuttersPlaying in golf courses exposes you to the elements such as earth, rainwater, wind and sun’s heat. On your part, you can simply wear athletic garb and wash them later on. You can also sport a cap or sunglasses. An umbrella is recommended as well, especially if you prefer long-distance shots. You can get all of these things at

After weather-proofing yourself, it’s time to ask: what about your golf clubs?

Just like you, your clubs are affected by dirt, moisture and heat, too. The heads and shafts of your clubs are the most frequently and heavily plagued by grime. Make sure your remove the dirt to prevent damage. To avoid accumulation, use a towel to wipe your clubs’ heads and shafts after one to three rounds. At home, dip your clubs (excluding their grips as well as clubs classified as woods) in water. You can use soap and scrub the club heads. Don’t scrub and put soap on the shafts. Rinse and dry them afterwards. For woods, make use of damp towels. An old toothbrush soaked in lukewarm water can be used to remove dirt and oil from the grips.


Carrying your golf clubs by hand is never impressive. Make sure you’ll get noticed for the right reasons by providing ample protection for your clubs. It entails additional costs but doing so will save you from early, frequent and costly replacement of damaged clubs. The simplest way to protect your clubs is by keeping them in a bag before and after your plays.

Golf Bag

Golf bags are categorized into staff bags, cart bags, stand bags, and carry bags. Staff bags are the bulkiest and most expensive of the bunch. That is why these are rarely bought by casual players. Professional athletes are the ones who use staff bags. It takes a caddy to transport staff bags and cart bags due to their weight and bulkiness. The spaciousness of these bags is their primary edge against carry bags and stand bags. Aside from golf equipment, you can also put your personal belongings in these bags.

Stand bags and carry bags can be hand-carried. These are meant for casual players who don’t have much clubs, balls, tees, and personal belongings to bring on their plays. A stand bag offers additional convenience by allowing itself to stay upright, while a carry bag will leave you no choice but to lay it on the ground as you strike.

Fret not. Even if stand bags and carry bags are not that spacious, you can still keep your clubs away from directly hitting each other. At, you can shop for all these kinds of golf bags as well as protective gear such as head covers, dividers, and tubes. Head covers are meant to protect the club heads but there are extensive ones called long neck head covers which also protect the heads and shafts of clubs. Some of the bags already have built-in dividers or tubes. If you already have a golf bag but without the built-in protective gears, you can just purchase them individually. For rainy days, grab rain covers for your clubs.


Callaway GolfYou don’t want your golf clubs getting knocked down accidentally, do you? Proper storage of your clubs goes a long way especially if you are living with kids. Before hiding your clubs, make sure they are clean and dry. Put them in your golf bag which should also be free from dirt and wetness. Keep you golf bag inside a closet or at the top of a cabinet. If you live alone, placing your bag in the corner of your room will do just fine.

Routine Inspection

You can further prolong the life of your golf clubs by doing some checkup on a monthly or quarterly basis. Always be on the lookout for rust especially in the shafts and heads of your clubs. Inspect the condition of the grips as well. Replace them yearly if you play most of the week. Otherwise, replacing them every one and a half or two years will be ideal.

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When you are shopping at for your first golf club set or for extra clubs, it is more worthwhile to take a gander at the quality first before the cost.

Motivational-Speaker-Success: 5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Consider This Now

Success is a word every company is eager to achieve. Either in terms of its profit or people success, one cannot deny that it is the ultimate goal of every workplace. Motivational-Speaker-Success is your partner in achieving a stepping stone for your company’s ultimate goal. Lead by Garrison Wynn, a professional speaker and author of the bestseller The REAL Truth About Success, Motivational-Speaker-Success holds programs that ranges from leadership motivational talk to topics like influencing people you have no authority over and many more. The premise of hiring a motivational speaker is mainly to help business owners and managers to communicate to the company in an enjoyable manner.

Here are five reasons why your company should consider this now:

1. Reorganize and Reformation
Guest SpeakerWorkplace seems boring? No defined hierarchy? We all know companies have difficulty in achieving harmony and standards. The series of programs offered by our service would help your company’s future reorganization and the reformation. Motivational-Speaker-Success offer variety of workshops that will enhance the capability of the workplace from improving productivity to achieving employee satisfaction. At the end of the day, many of us will want to make an easy way to reinforce company’s goals and objectives.

2. Motivation and Inspiration

Unmotivated workplace may seem one of the biggest problems of a company which may hinder productivity. One of the main reasons to hire a motivational speaker is to motivate and inspire employees so they can have a fresh and fun way to create a fundamental principle to their minds. Motivational speakers will help the workforce to boost their morale and help them focus more on the goals and objectives of the company. The ability of the speaker to influence the minds of the professionals will help the workplace to become inspired especially on the success stories of Wynn who once in his life faced the same situation in the real world.

3. Thinking Outside the Box

The only constant thing in the world is change. The changing environment in the business world may be seen as an opportunity or a threat by some. This is when motivational speakers come in the story. The advantage of hiring one is their ability to seek external advice and help from experienced employee. Hearing an outside expert about the ever changing business environment will help the employees to think outside the box and innovate in the workplace. This is also an opportunity for them to build new strategies to improve business functions.

4. Promotes Teamwork
Guest SpeakerTeamwork is cornered to productivity. A well-built team would promote harmony and motivation to employees. Motivational-speaker-success instill a commitment to help organize and coordinate employees into working and enjoying the company of each other. It serves as a fresh start to know each and every one in the workplace. It is also an opportunity to reintroduce oneself for the ones who are feeling left out. It promotes a sense of enthusiasm to employees to improve their work because once and for all, they are working toward one goal.

5. External consultant

Many problems occur inside the company. Either in terms of lack of funds or inefficient production process, companies tend to rely on their own judgement to solve these problems. Motivational-Speaker-Success is composed of experienced professionals who will openly make suggestions and alternatives on how your company could solve these problems. Since they understood the tools for success, they can offer critical insights regarding what you are facing right now.

Motivational Speaker

Without a doubt, communication is significant to be developed in a business. It is one of the key to success as one might say. Actually, it is true. No matter how anyone view the word communication, it has always been an essential aspect of our life. A motivational speaker can take advantage of communication in creating and building the inner creative and critical minds of people, enabling them to perform well, establish good relationship to others and boost productivity. This decreases the threat of the workplace making it more of a homely environment for every team member of the company. Maybe it’s time for a good change isn’t it?

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Garrison Wynn is a business motivational speaker who specializes in leadership training and success creation. Known for his ability to easily connect with his audience, Wynn delivers a powerful talk that he customizes depending on what industry your company belongs. You can view more details on the website. Of course, you may also ask questions through phone or email – whichever is more convenient to you.

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Motivational-Speaker-Success is your accomplice in accomplishing a venturing stone for your organization’s definitive objective.

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