Choosing Popular Board Games for Your Family

family board gamesThese days it is getting harder and harder to bring the family together after dinner time. Whether everyone is absorbed in their digital worlds, or if everyone has their own schedules to attend to, sometimes it’s frustrating as a parent to realize that everyone is drawing farther and farther apart. While this is natural to some degree as your children age, it doesn’t excuse the fact that the family unit is having a crisis. What can you do to bring everyone back together again and have some wholesome family bonding that is cheap, not too time-consuming, and effective?

popular board gamesBoard games are a time honored tradition going back over 100 years. Even before we had the popular board games as we know them today, families would spend afternoons and evenings playing together, and sometimes even invite over their friends. Games can range in difficulty and the amount of players needed. These days you can even pick a game that appeals to your tastes and knowledge.

Your older kids may balk at the idea of everyone playing a game, but we bet if you pick one that appeals to their interests, you will have them spending at least a couple of hours with the rest of your family enjoying the time together.

knowledge board gamesSome common board game types include:

KnowledgeTrivia games become more popular when adults are all involved. Your teenagers can start playing trivia games with you, especially if you share interests such as sports, movies, or anything else that you can find. There are even valuable teaching moments, and you may be surprised at how much knowledge your child has about certain subjects. Who knew that Sally knows who won the World Series in 1978?

Team – In these games, you may be asked to answer trivia questions, but are more likely to do something in tandem with someone on your team. These games are great for families because you can do kids versus parents, or split up with one parent with one kid. No matter how you go about it, everyone has a lot of fun.

Children’s – Who said that you had to be a child to enjoy a child’s board game? Even if you have teenagers, they may enjoy playing the games of their childhood for nostalgia purposes. These games tend to be simple and quick, so they are good for short play throughs or when everyone is tired but still wanting to do something. Of course, if you have elementary school aged children, then this is the way to go.

Collecting – Games that allow you to amass goods, trade and barter, and even steal from other players are a lot of fun for highly competitive families. Sometimes they are as simple as placing your token on the board and rolling the dice. Other times you have to formulate a strategy.

Board games have always been known for bringing families together, even when they don’t necessarily get to play anything. If you’re looking for something to bond over, then we suggest checking out the game aisle today.

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